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Thread: Dr. Evermor's Forevertron

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    Dr. Evermor's Forevertron

    Nestled in a moonlit glade, the Forevertron begins to energize. Inside a copper-strapped glass orb atop the contraption is Dr. Evermor, who will soon be propelled through the heavens on a magnetic lightning force beam. The good Doctor's mission: to liberate himself from the detriments of this world and explore the trans-temporal beyond.

    Fantastic as it may seem, both Dr. Evermore and his amazing Forevertron are actually quite real, and can seen by anyone visiting Dr. Evermor’s Sculpture Park in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin. The Forevertron is the world's largest scrap metal sculpture, reaching 50 feet high, 120 feet wide, and weighing some 300 tons. A fusion of lost machinery embodies the structure, including Thomas Edison's late 19th-century bipolar dynamos, an early x-ray machine, and a decontamination chamber from the Apollo space mission. To one side of the Forevertron stands a telescope for visitors to watch his departure, and to the other side an observation platform is reserved for the royal family.

    Dr. Evermor was born Tom Every, who ran a successful industrial demolition business for many years. But in 1983, at age 45, he decided to stop wrecking and start building with the ‘junk’ he often collected. Every gave his business to his son and renamed himself Dr. Evermor. Then he began to build the device of half machine, half dream, that would someday propel him to folk art fame, if not the stars.

    Created in LW 9.3 and posted with PS. Thanks for viewing.

    On the web: Roadside America's story on the Forevertron
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    That's quite simply amazing!

    Even more amazing is the fact it's real!

    Well done indeed!
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    Great! You should send them the pic, I think it'll make him shiver seeing the picture he had in his mind as a real image.

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    Thanks guys. I just sent a pic to the good Doctor this weekend, so hopefully I'll hear back... if he hasn't taken off yet.

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    Damn. I hate it when people post great pics like this. Makes me wonder why the hell mine aren't anywhere near as good...
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    What's missing are edge bevels. All objects look kind of flat as there are no highlights on their edges. Otherwise pretty stunning.

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    Fantastic CG Work

    Fantastic CG Work Alex, great CG work in lighting, materials and final composition, but, I think the realism of the scene can improve with global ilumination effect or HDRI enviroment, but is very professional work.
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    Very nice render.

    The moonlight is very good, but where's the moon? I think it would be cool if we could see it.

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    Thanks for the feedback, everybody.

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    Very nice. The back story adds to much to the image.

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    Very nice work, it has a real "magical" feeling.

    How did you create the energy effect surround the object?

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    Beautiful work.

    I second Costanel's request: How did you do the glowing energy ribbon effect? Was that done in LW or is that Photoshop magic? I did a quick test with some luminous polys and motion blur cranked up and wasn't able to get the same effect.
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    Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

    I created the energy ribbons by first making some fractal images with Apophysis. I pulled about 6 of these into Photoshop, and for each I doubled the layer and blurred it to simulate a glow. I used a mix of color dodge and linear dodge for the layer modes.

    I tried a number of other things before this that weren't working at all, including some lightning effects and so on. It certainly took some experimentation to get something I liked. Even with these fractals, there was some hand doctoring in PS.

    I also projected fractal images with a few of the LW lights to make the lighting more colorful.

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    Yeow! That's cool.

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    Great colors and lighting.

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