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Thread: .eps Import into SE for overlaying on a clip

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    .eps Import into SE for overlaying on a clip

    Hello All;
    I need to overlay a illustration that I have in .eps format (From Illustrator) onto a clip in SE but SE seems to not regognize the EPS format. It works fine in Premiere but I don't really want to use Premiere because I am in a hurry and figure Speededit would be much faster. Can anyone tell me how to get a .eps illustration into SE and how to overlay it over a clip or if that's even possible ? I have been using SE for a while so I'm pretty familiar with it but now I'm working on a rush project and I don't think I've ever had to overlay a .eps file before.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wtdedula View Post
    Can anyone tell me how to get a .eps illustration into SE and how to overlay it over a clip or if that's even possible?
    I'm sure there are better ways, but in case no one suggests one in time -- what I usually do is simply open the EPS in Word, make it big, hit PrtScrn, then paste the clipboard content into Mirage (or Aura) - kill the white background, crop, then export it as a 32 bit PNG or Targa.

    p.s. - bring it into SE, hit the "y" key to enable "Overlay", and resize it using the Positioner
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    An eps file is a vector (outline) drawing, that is why it is scalable bigger, without losing quality. So somehow you must turn it into a pixel image or rasterize it. You could also use Photoshop to rasterize it. It would be best to render it to a raster at the largest size needed and then reduce size in SE, as needed. For SE it would probably be best to save the rasterized version as a tga.

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    SE handles .png files very happily. If you are using "Save For Web" in Photoshop, make sure to save it as a 24 bit .png, because the 8 bit doesn't save transparency info. Also check the transparency box, and make sure your backround layer's visibility is turned off before saving.

    Then to overlay it on the clip, just drag it onto the timeline, and check the overlay box (or press Y.) You can change its size and position in the timeline.
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