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Thread: Rabbit

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    A contest sounds like fun.

    I am going for something cartoony to try something I haven't worked so much with in the past.

    Like most people I just hope I got enough time to take it to the finish line.

    This is the main character, still lots to do on this guy but thought I would get it online while I let it rest for a day or so.

    Keep the feedback coming!
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    Magnus Jonsson

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    About time we saw a toon...looking good.

    I love the face and lower body, but I'm not sure about the ears, they look too flat/stiff/thin. Also, maybe the hands/wrist area can more defined.

    Keep them coming.


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    The side view - the back of the ears, at least in silhouette, do look a bit flat/straight. Everything else is curvy but that detracts quite a bit.

    Great start though and a good character

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    Nice start man, not much to critique yet, one piece of advice though. Whip up a simple rig and get him in some poses. Seeing him in action will help you get a better sense of his proportions and develop the overall character.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    I have refined the characters body and ears now. The first version only had very simple shapes for arms, hands and legs.

    madjester, yeah posing will be very important to see if the character will function properly. That is the next step. Think this version got enough geometry to rig, so I will move on with that.

    Here is a turntable quicktime of the current version.
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    Magnus Jonsson

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    ...and here is a picture of the updated version for those who like pictures
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    Magnus Jonsson

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    Looking good, I like it. Keep it up.

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    Funny rabbit.... cool!
    Keep it up the good work!

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    Rabbit in motion

    Thanks guys!

    After som effort on the rigging front I did this little test.

    Will post some poses when I got some facial expressions done.
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    Magnus Jonsson

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    Magnus, I really like the bunny. As far as your animation test, the hops lack some weight. You really want the body to react to hitting the ground. Playing it back in steps I see that the bunny hits the ground and it looks like the next frame he is already leaping into the air. You should try adding a frame inbetween where the bunnys knees buckle some and the body bends downward a bit from the force of the impact. I know it's meant to be cartoony, but exaggeration is always good for cartoony work.

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    hrgiger, thanks for the feedback.

    I agree with your comments! It's all the little things that makes a character feel alive.

    But I won't be reworking this little test again since it is not being part of the final production. So much to do, so little time...
    Magnus Jonsson

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    Tell me about it.

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    Funny character, really!

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    Looking good but too me it needs to look more cartoony if thats what your after. Catoon chars usually will have a very defining touch. like the hands would be big with gloves on or the eyes would be buggy looking..big stumbly feet, bigger fluffier ears or something but idk thats just me =D he looks like a scary bunny to me, the bully bunny

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    Well I want to keep the character away from "Bugs Bunny land".

    Scary bully? that's not the feeling I am getting when I look at this little thing.

    I am still working on the details on the final production, but this is not going to be cel shaded and have a old school cartoon look. I am leaning more towards small scale/stop animation at this point. But to keep this fun and interesting I will let this evolve by it self when the final set is ready.

    I am rather busy with real work for a while, but will try and post some updates soon.

    And about the rules I wish we would not be limited in post work. Would be more fun just to be more creative in post. It would result in a better looking production.
    Magnus Jonsson

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