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Thread: Rabbit

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    Well, I think they really want to show what Lightwave can do out of the box so I can understand limiting the post work. Notice the deadline is end of July. That means they want Siggraph promotion material.
    Speaking of scary bunnies, anyone remember this one?

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    Yeah I remember that guy from The Twilight Zone.

    Now you put me in the mood to do some monster work. But will try and finish this project first.
    Magnus Jonsson

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    Here is a little update.

    First pass of textures in place, and a quick pose.
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    Magnus Jonsson

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    Looking very nice!

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    This looks like it's going to be a hit


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    Thanks guys. One more pose...

    ...sneaky sneak.
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    Magnus Jonsson

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    Great design. Good proportions. Nice poses. Cool personality.

    I see only one issue. While poses work well overall there is one part in them that sticks out. They stuck out even on the model. It's the ears! They are just too straight and with too many straight line in them compared to the rest of the body. Imho you need to get some more natural/dynamic curves in the ears.

    First image, top one is original, bottom is overpaint.
    Second image, leftmost is original, rightmost is overpaint.
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    Very nice progress here! He has lots of character.
    Christopher Tackett

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    Ser bra ut de där Magnus!

    Good work, looking forward seeing more from you!
    Kind regards

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    Nice! The only thing that sticks out to me is the some of the facial lines. In earlier models and not in the poses I could get where Smokie was coming from with the scary bunny look. I would say it was more creepy than scary it almost seemed like the bunny was really old with the lines in the face mostly the lines under the eyes and the cheeks look a little to sucked in. Now don't think that I dont love this model because I do just giving any helpful criticism I can see. Good Job!!
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    Love that rabbit!!
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    Thanks for the feedback all of you. I move forward with your comments in mind. I will post some more progress on this project soon. Still haven't started animating anything yet, and that is the stuff I really need to work on. But will try and keep posting as I move on.
    Magnus Jonsson

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    In motion...

    Hi everyone!

    I have finished a first version of all character animation now.

    I am going to work on the enviornment next, so I thought this is a good time to get some feedback on the animation.

    All feedback that can help make the animation better is much appreciated!

    I guess the little story is easy enough to understand.

    Here is a little list of the most important things left to do:

    - Model and texture enviornment.
    - Refine animation?
    - Record and mix soundtrack.
    - Lighting and final render.
    - Color correction.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Magnus Jonsson

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    Super Work!

    This piece is really good, doesn't need that much more imho, though you have done so well it would be interesting to see what you do next. But some stuff in this style gets too busy, but maybe that is what people like, on the other hand, maybe that is what producers like and people just get.

    The animation could perhaps be improved where he steps back (both times) a bit too fast (?), maybe not. I only do free form sloppy CA so wouldn't know the conventions.

    These 2 stills up are EXCEPTIONAL:
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    One thing you can consider.

    This is a concept that perhaps would take a while to talk about but it has to do with POV. Point of View of course. But I will try to break down the shots and do it that way.

    Basically you have 6 shots.

    SHOT 1

    Establishment shot. PUSH IN on BUNNY.

    SHOT 2

    BUNMY Past the CARROT.

    SHOT 3

    Basically back to shot 1 in function.

    SHOT 4


    SHOT 5

    BUNNY past several CARROTS

    SHOT 6

    Basically back to the establishment again.

    SHOT 1 is good.

    Matched action and he takes the carrot of of his mouth.

    SHOT 2

    In this shot he is looking at the CARROT. Now it is an interesting choice because you have both the CARROT and THE BUNNY in the same shot in such a way as you see the expression of both. But interesting as that is and economical as that is, you lose the impact on the character and it is not as effective as it could be. The reason is because he reacts to seeing or hearing the carrot scream. Even with sound it would be much more effective visually if he turned the carrot around in this shot and you inserted a POV shot past the bunny at the carrot in a close up and then cut back to SHOT 3 where he reacts.

    THAT would be SHOT 2A

    Another place to do an insert would be from SHOT 1 Just before he pulls the CARROT out of his mouth you could insert a shot of the CARROT screaming.

    You could cut back to SHOT 1 or go to SHOT 2

    SHOT 3

    Is just a little longer than it need to be and you could use that time to create some of the same POV effects if you want in the last shots.

    Just some ideas that I think would make an improvement on what you have which is very nice.

    Of course only my opinion.

    In either case, good luck with it!

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