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Thread: Ok, I guess I'll start...(ANI. GIF)

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    So, the end date is July 31? Doomed, I hate contests anyway...

    Looking good!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by hrgiger View Post
    Why not ask why we paint humans when we can just take their picture? Why we sculpt humans when we could have just drawn or painted them. 3D is simply another artists medium. I like the challenge that comes with modeling at least somewhat realistic proportions. It's harder to make it believable because we are all too familiar with how us humans look and move. And I just like what I like, dig?
    Photoreal or not. . .Actually the model does have a "style" to it, which is in fact artistic expression. A cell shaded character has a different style, both have stylistic approach therefore. Both styles are reasons to create.
    All that is powerful or long standing is first conceived in the imagination; supported by the hope of possibility and then made manifest in our commitment of our current physical reality.

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    Working on some firing sequences. Painted a muzzle flash sequence in photoshop. It's applied to a couple of flat polygons which are spinning in front of the gun and smoothed out with some motion blur. It's a little technique I picked up off someone on the old forums.
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    Love that effect! The run animation is looking smooth too!
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    hrgiger it's coming allow pretty nice. Keep up the good work.

    Here is a simple trick for better joint deformation. Constrain a joint that rotates 50% of the child rotation. So for example the shoulder. You clone your bicep bone. Then constrain that clone to your first bicep. but only take 50% of the rotation.

    What this does is create better volume in the joint when you weight to it. This is what joint compensation is doing in the bone property window. But this allows you to use any angle and control what points it effects.

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    Cool technique, I'll have to remember that one. Though my Photoshop skills aren't up to much even for a muzzle flash. Looks like it will be an interesting anim.
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    The muzzle flash was pretty easy to paint in Photoshop. I basically started by painting the alpha to cut away the rest of the polygon. It's a basic flame shape that I enhanced by making the edges sharp in places with the smudge tool. Then I added a few more layers putting some colors around the edges, then blurring them with a gaussian blur and then blending all the layers together.

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    Here's the first test with the muzzle flash animated. Morphmixer is being used to move the slide on the gun. I have a point light that is causing the illumination flashes and there are a few issues with that. It's too bright, not to mention the wrong color, oops. Quicktime with mpeg4 compressor.
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    That looks great.

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    Looks good except for the spinning motion and the gun texture

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    That spinning texture should spin 180 deg in 1 frame so it spins 90 deg in 50% moblur to give the effect of a "full" flash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by colkai View Post
    That spinning texture should spin 180 deg in 1 frame so it spins 90 deg in 50% moblur to give the effect of a "full" flash.
    I think a full rotation would look better... While we are on the subject, It would be nice to have different motion blur amounts for each object in LW.

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    Any chance to see this animation finished?

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    Probably not at this point. I wasn't able to complete my project in time and my license was being sold at the time to another user so I don't currently have LW installed on my machine.

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    So u serious with that move to XSI despite their price rising ?

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