I can't figure out if this is looking correct. Those arrow shaped shadows are bugging the crap out of me. Is it just because thats the actual surface contour and the shadows are just exposing it? Or is that an error?

The object was originally displaced with an image. It had the same results, then I saved the transformed object, hoping it was a displacement problem, but same shadows. The renders here show an empty scene except for the 'save transformation' object and 1 distant light. Raytrace shadows.

I tried a point light, spot light, and even shadow maps. The same results. Do i just need to crank the tessilation on the original displacement?? The first render is single sided, and just to see what would happen I made the object double sided (shown in the second image) Odd results. The light is just at an 11° angle, so not below the surface at all.

Thanks for any advice...