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Thread: DemoStudio(Demo VT5/Tricaster) has shadows. DemoStudio (Demo LW) has no shadows?┐?

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    DemoStudio(Demo VT5/Tricaster) has shadows. DemoStudio (Demo LW) has no shadows?┐?

    DemoStudio (LiveSet rendering (Demo VT5/Tricaster) has shadows. DemoStudio (Demo Lightwave3d Scene, objects, etc.) has no shadows.?

    Somebody needs explanation or solution for projecting shadows on LW (LiveSet).
    The scene (VT5) DemoStudio VSFX, has shadows.
    In contrast to the scene Lightwave3d DemoStudio (Scene, Objects, etc.) not projection shadows.
    What should I do to have the projection of shadows to lightwave ...?
    Version 1 of liveset allows it?
    what was the method used to have shadows on the scene DemoStudio (VSFX)?

    For me it would be interesting to know whether you can or can not be projecting shadows on LW. Thus perderia no time in trying to discover the method.

    one million thanks

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    The LiveSet creator for Lightwave does not create realtime shadows.
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    Like Bill said, no shadows in LW.
    Shadows can only be made in the Aura/Mirage LS plug-in at this time.

    If you need shadows, render out your LW scene in "layers" and assemble them in Aura/Mirage (you can assemble them in Photoshop and then load into Aura to compile the LS).
    Add the video plane LS brush and change the layer name to input shadow, fx shadow or dsk shadow (as needed).
    Place this layer in between the input layer and the rest of the set where you want the input to cast a shadow.
    Now decrease the transparency and blur the alpha channel (shadow layer gets a soft edge automatically via the plug-in but you may want more).
    Experiment with the rotation, size and warp to "fake" a shadow.

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