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Thread: Motion Mixer: How can I move Nulls AND Bones????

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    Motion Mixer: How can I move Nulls AND Bones????

    I have nulls on a biped character on the wrists, the ankles and the eyes. I created a walk cycle that looks great. Now, I want to take it into Motion Mixer to create a walking loop. The problem is that the first loop looks and works fine. But when I add a second motion only my nulls move and all the bones stop moving, i.e. the main bone that I use to give it the bounce I need stops and the the shoulder movement and head movement all stop. Well, they move, just not how they did in my first initial motion.

    Is there a way to include my bone movement with my null movement?? I don't see how you can. Am I going about this wrong?? Should I not use nulls for this purpose? How else would you animate a character walking and moving his arms???


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    Ok, after watching Proton's motion mixer lessons I figured out that I simply needed to select all the nulls, Add Items, then select all the bones, Add Items. That's did the trick!!! BUT, now that I have my walk cycle looping as many times as I need how do I get the character moving forward instead of walking in place? Should I not include my main mover null when I do Motion Mixer?

    I'm coming back to LW after not using it for awhile and I've forgotten a few key things. Now I'm teaching it!!!!


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    Make sure you can save and reload your scene... On the Mac anyway, saving and reloading a scene with both regular objects and bones in a Motion Mixer motion fails to load them both back in when the scene is reloaded...
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    the mm ignores new motion, added to actor items in mm, on the timeline unless you uncheck actors active status in mm, so you could leave the master null out or edit the mm motion and accept the changes back into mm in fact you could even leave the objects main layer out of mm and only bring in the bones which allows freedom of motion for that actor/object. i like to do that best because the motion in mm can be saved and reused wherever you ever want to place that in this or any scene - ie she walks endlessly and the actual path she walks is not part of mm. you can also select which channels in mm are active for any particular motion.

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    Yup Ruff, I just left out my Main Mover Null from the motion I created in MM and then I got my walk cycle working AND I could move the entire rig with my Main Mover Null outside of MM. Using just the bones sounds interesting and I'll try that sometime too. Still so much to learn about Motion Mixer and LW in general.



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