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Thread: rendering over a network?

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    rendering over a network?

    At work we have everything on a network, me being the only one that uses lightwave, I know that you can render with screamernet over the network but it says, "screamerNet does not render out animations. It renders only individual files." So does ScreamerNet II do animations or are they both just for rendering lots of scenes on lots of computers? Is it possible to render one long animation over a network?

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    ScreamerNet only renders out individual frames and not an animation file (.avi or .mov) and for good reason. If you were rendering out an animation over four computers and one of them crashed you could wind up after a few hours or days just to find that you have an unusable file. Rendering individual frames has the advantage that if one of the nodes crashes then all you have to do is rerender the missing frames and throw the whole thing into a compositor application.

    Hope this helps.

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    that does help, thanks, so does it just do a list of image files? so you know the order and what not? it makes sense now why you wouldn't want them all together.

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    Yes it puts the frame number at the end of each file name, and any copmositing program and even Quicktime pro can import an image sequence, then export an animation.
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