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Thread: Rendition suggestion (feature request of sorts)

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    Rendition suggestion (feature request of sorts)

    Disclaimer: This is more a future suggestion for interoperability with PS and LW.

    Several people have mentioned speed to be an issue, and as messiah mentioned, there are certain bottlenecks within PS that are difficult to overcome. This seems reminicient of the main crit of Vue Xstream integration, ie. loss of performance.

    IF POSSIBLE (perhaps a coder could clarify this) for very large print work, perhaps it is better to export the camera and light setup relative to the object (ie. create a simple .lws text file) info from PS, so render a render in LW is possible, perfectly aligned.

    This could be more than a workaround, as it could allow for render segments, additional layout effects (volumetrics), and of course dof and ambocc passes etc, perfectly aligned to suit the PS setup ..

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    At that point, you already have LightWave, then LightWave is the better tool to use.

    I think it might be helpful here to explain what Rendition is, and what it is not.

    Rendition is an easy way to get great looking images from 3D assets that are used within Adobe Photoshop, with a minimum amount of fuss. Rendition is for artists who neither care, nor have the time for, learning about all of the intricacies of a full-fledged 3D application. Rendition is designed to offer the artist a real easy way to take the 3D layers within Photoshop, and get something that looks cool with a couple of clicks. Remember, most Photoshop users are very skilled in 2D illustration and manipulation. It is quite likely that output from Rendition will be part of the process for these folks, not the end result.

    Rendition is not a full 3D application within Photoshop. There are too many SDK and memory limitations with the current design of Photoshop to do this effectively, and there are plenty of good 3D apps out there for those who need them. Also, we believe that most Photoshop users are not interested in having a full 3D system within Photoshop, though if Adobe were to add more 3D-friendly features, I do not think that would be a bad thing...

    Again, our premise is this: 3D people will not be too interested in the current set of 3D features in Photoshop, and rightly so. 2D artists may be curious about 3D, but find it either too intimidating, or too time consuming to pursue.

    Another important point: Rendition does not solely to facilitate data exchange between LightWave and Photoshop. In fact, Photoshop reads a variety of 3D formats, and as a result, Rendition has direct access to any 3D dataset that Photoshop can read. That said, we have also created the LWO importer for Photoshop, so that those folks with LightWave, and an interest to sell/offer their 3D assets to the Photoshop community can do so, but within the constraints of the limitations of what Photoshop can handle, materials-wise. Photoshop does not offer procedural shaders, so any LightWave assets intended to be used within Photoshop will need to either have those assets baked within LightWave, or removed from the surfaces. Photoshop only uses UV mapping, so none of the projection mappings outside of UVs will work; however, we have added a very cool feature to the LWO importer that will automatically generate the proper UVs from the older projections, so that should not be an issue. In fact, I mention it to brag about the great job that our engineers did to achieve this . You cannot assign texture maps directly in Photoshop; they need to be assigned within LightWave. In Photoshop, you can edit texture maps that are already present, however. Reflections and refractions are also a bit tricky, and more restrictive in Photoshop than they would be in LightWave, by far.

    Looking at the previous paragraph, you can see that there are quite a few gotchas when dealing with data interchange with Photoshop, regardless of where the 3D data comes from. And, if you understand what the above paragraph contains, then you have enough 3D experience to consider a full 3D app for your 3D work, as opposed to just doing such work in Photoshop. And, let's face it, most 3D folks have Photoshop in their arsenal, so Rendition only adds to the capabilities...
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    Jay - Congratulations on the release!

    Thanks for your detailed description of Rendition and its role/market. It is much clearer what is intended, and what is possible.

    The previous comments were intended as a future suggestion, as someone who spends as much time in PS as LW, and to allow Rendition to outstrip other solutions.

    Cheers -

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    Great to see this thing finally rolling. I know a lot of people who will be glad to have an easy way to do some good looking renders right inside photoshop with a minimum of fuss. I hope Rendition takes the PS world by storm.


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