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Thread: Interactively animate the camera viewport!?

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    Question Interactively animate the camera viewport!?

    Is there any way you can animate the camera viewport in Layout just like you can manipulate the perspective viewport using your mouse and different key combinations and actually set keyframes?

    This you can do in Maya, Universe and probably a lot of other apps too. This is a very fast, easy and precise way to animate a camera. So, I was just wondering, "This have to be possible in LW!?"

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    No, you cannot do that in LW. BTW, I think this would be bad idea. It's just too easy to screw things up. This e.g. permanently happens in C4D. This is not so critical with position and rotation info, but since the lens parameters are derived from the viewport settings you quite often end up with the most exotic views.

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    i agree SO MUCH with mylenium (and it's not often that i do )

    at any rate, you can still try PViewMC or PViewGN.
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    Thanks for your answers. They cleared things out ... hmm, but I wouldn't say that I agree with you on this being a 'bad idea'. Any modifiable parameter is a potential screw-up ... so that would only be a matter of being aware of a feature. As with all other features of the software. Cause I have found a lot of those 'screwed-up' until I got used to them, well - sort of used to them.


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    well i was thinking of maya. moving in the viewport did not constitute something undo-able. in other words, it wasnt reported into the history, which is a big deal considering THAT was camera! you either have to lock it or keyframe it with "autokey off". in other words, there is no way to separate it from modification once you are looking through it. in lw, of course, you will have to press T or Y to translate or rotate. that works very nicely for me. however, i desire that while the camera view should NOT be movable like the perspective view, i wish the perspective view to be modifiable.. meaning parametrized and accessible (e.g. readable and writable) via SDK / LScript.
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