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    I'm not sure how much detail it makes sense to model since the renders will most likely be the starting point. One thing is I can draw a lot faster than I can model, but then I've been drawing most of my life. The thing is once I have a model I can render it from any angle which also saves quite a bit of time messing with perspective and foreshortening.

    I've been experimenting making the cornices and roofs using rail extrude. For windows, doors, crown moldings and corbels, I plan creating something like a library so I can just mix and mach a la Mr. Potato-head. Hopefully that would save me enough time to add some more detail for the up close stuff.

    One issue is now that I've decided to go with the Steampunk genre the story is also rewriting itself. I feel a bit like I am being taken for a ride and I now the final destination is in question. I will put up some earlier sketches from this project after I see what I can still use. Most of it is too big to fit on the scanner and I also like to use metallic ink which doesn't lend itself to scanning all that well either.
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