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Thread: Best place for short term classroom training?

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    Best place for short term classroom training?

    I need a booster shot! Can anyone recommend a short-term (3-7 day) intense training course to get me energized and up to speed in LW 9.5? I used to enjoy Bob Anderson's classes at Washburn - that is the type of thing I am looking for. I had a less-than-satisfactory experience with Future Media Concepts in NY a few tears ago...

    DVD training is ok, but hard to justify the time at work (plus the interruptions), and I have my own business on the side that sucks up alot of time. Bottom line, intense classroom training seems to work best for me.

    Thanks much for any input.

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    KURV has online classes that are interactive. You can see what the instructor is doing in realtime and ask questions. The sessions are also recorded so you can review them at anytime.

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    Technically, Chris, you can't get up to speed with LW9.5 because it's not available yet. But getting training on LW9.3.1 is!!


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