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Thread: can someone do me favour?

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    can someone do me favour?

    Could someone zip and upload (or email me) those benchmark scenes that come with LW 7.0 and later?
    I only own 6.5b currently, and the 7.5c update doesn't come with the benchmark scenes (?)
    i just want to benchmark my notebook since there are no Pentium-M benches at blanos yet
    (don't think demo-mode will change rendertimes too much)

    The scenes would be Tracer Radiosity and no Rad., Radiosity Reflective Things and Variations...

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    check yer mail
    Sometimes you eat the bear,
    sometimes the bear eats you.

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    I'm still missing some objects and textures...
    kitchen_probe.pic (i have kitchen_probe.hdr, possibly the same)


    and that Variations Scene (those Hyper-Voxels)


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