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Thread: 22m x 11m BUS

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    22m x 11m BUS

    I am creating this for an client ... I still dont like the render but i cant get it look better. Any advice is welcome .
    The model is far from finished...especially the inside parts.

    This is print of the model on 22m x 11m.

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    Nice work Three things I'd do are:

    1) Get some radiosity in there to anchor the tyres to the ground with some subtle shadowing - they look like they're floating at the moment.

    2) Try using gradients in the colour channel of the bus's paint, to replicate a more metallic feel. Even flat colours these days tend to have some metallic element to give them a 'brighter' highlight, the red here looks a bit flat.

    3) Use a reflection map with a higher resolution - you can see this one breaking up, especially on the windscreen of the first shot.

    4) Some of the details, especially the black rubber/plastic around windows seems very flat and uniform, as though it's not catching any reflection to create any specular highlights. Some bevels here and there with better placement of lights might help to lift detail.

    Nice job to have though
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    thanks for the comment... i will try 2,3 and 4 for radiosity...its hard to use it on 8800x4400 resolution.


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