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Thread: QuickSet Tool (for LiveSet creation)

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    Should this show up in the liveset dropdown menu when it is working correctly. Then I just assign this to the camera inputs I want just like any other live set. Correct? Also am I able to assign this to say my scoreboard graphic so if I brignon and off by graphic so does the clock?

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    Under XP, look inside C:\Program Files\NewTek\VT5\User Daata\Default User\ for the VSFX folder. This is where your LiveSets 'live'. Look for a folder with the same name you supplied in the Aura plugin when setting it up.
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    How can I do this today?

    I only recently bought a Tricaster STUDIO for my high school. How can I make this happen today is Aura and Mirage are no longer available?

    I am trying to do this very effect.

    Thank you.


    QuickSet Tool (for LiveSet creation)
    As mentioned in several other recent threads, using NewTek's fascinating LiveSet technology and the "LiveSet Generator for Aura", I've prepared a tool called QuickSet for (relatively) painless and very fast creation and updating of inset and PiP shots.

    Although the tool was originally conceived as one solution to the problem of showing a physical game-clock at sports event in a (LiveSet) inset, it has many other abilities and features.

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