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    Robot guy

    I was just mucking around the other day and thought id try and make a robot thing and this is what ive come up with... any advice on how to improve?
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    That's a cool looking robot. Especially if you were just "mucking around." Maybe do a short animation with him. He looks like he might be fun to animate.


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    Sorry to post a second time. I just took a closer look at the pic. I think the hands need to be more refined, and it looks like there are some "things" underneath the glowing eye and on the chin. Some sort of artifacts.

    Clean these up and he is good to go.


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    Engineering Robot-Guy

    Very nice rendering. Try Anti-ailising (sp?) the rendering to get rid of the jaggies on the hand and increase the polys on the head to smooth out the curv a touch. It proberly wouldn't be noticable if it was in motion, but on stills you need every trick in the book.

    From a technical aspect may I suggest that the gears that make up the knee area be rotated 90 degrees on the Y axis so that the knees bend forward and back like human legs?

    If you do a short Animation, let us know where it is, I'd love to see this guy dance the macarena
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    yeah thatnks, ive changed his joints round a bit.. i finished him and go hang on how does that work so ive changed it just to like ball and socket joints. And Hieraco id love to see him dance the macerina too cut somehow i dont think it'll happen for a while, well until i learn layout. I havent done any lightwave courses or anything so ive just been teaching myself (im only 13) but when i figure out layout a bit better ill try make him do the macerina...thatnks for the help. And i agree bout the hands in the render ill try play round with them, anyway heres th robot with some different joints
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    Comming Nicely

    Very nice change on the knees. The ball joint styling looks great. I wish I had Lightwave when i was 13. My first `pooter was a state of the art VIC 20 (Commadore).
    One thing that you may wish to play with is to hit the local library and check out a book or two on anatomy. Seeing how the human body is put together provides some ideas for mechanizing it into a robot.

    I've learned (Old wisdom here) that Lightwave and Layout work together very well I like to spend about 2/3 of my time modeling and 1/3 in layout mostly Playing.

    Keep up the good work and some day I'll see your name in the movie credits
    :rolleyes: Living the dream in my Amiga

    :D Where I Want To Go Today :D


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