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Thread: Which Windows Will Work?

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    Which Windows Will Work?

    I've got an 8-core Mac, but time and time again I'm finding myself in need of a program that will run only on Windows. So I'll do the Boot-Camp, but what Windows OS should I use?

    The system requirements say "XP" but there seem to be five different versions. I would guess that I'd be picking from "XP HOME" or "XP PROFESSIONAL"

    From what I gather, the pro version will allow me to run at 64-bit, but I don't know how critical that will be. The programs I need to run are mostly utility type programs, and I'll still be running LW on the Mac.

    Thoughts on the subject?

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    which windoze ;)

    I would recommend a Windows XP Pro 32 bit build. I talked to a few folks, such as William Vaughan and they mentioned that the 64 bit LW is still really buggy. Plus for all your utilities, you'll probably get the most compatability and stability from 32 bit Windows XP.

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    I'd go 32 bit XP Pro too unless you really need the memory. I just installed XP Pro 64 bit to get access to all the memory in my Mac 8-core, but I did it with knuckles in my mouth the whole time So far no problems with LW 64 bit but I haven't used it in anger - I'm hoping it's not too buggy, this has to get me through some hefty projects. If there are known issues it'd be good to know about them.
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    I'm at the point that I'm recommending Vista to people just getting in or re-building. SP1 just came out for Vista Ultimate 64, although I've held off on SP1 since I've got a bunch of big projects not yet complete.
    But I mostly only use SE, VT SE and PhotoShop. So take that FWIW.

    I know it's scary, but I figure it's better to do a fresh install then upgrade later.
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    Make sure that there are drivera available for everything before you install XP64. I didn't and had soooo much trouble. A month later I bought Vista Home Premium and haven't looked back.
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    Your installing Windows on a Mac to get access to the variety of software available. XP 32 will give you the widest variety of software. You'll have enough grief looking/waiting for 10.5 capable software. You'll have to tweak the h*ll out of XP to get to a palatable state but if you stay in LW, LBrush or whatever your app o' choice is you'll never no the difference.


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    xp pro allways on a pc. But can't you run your mac as a pc or save in compatible formats? Also tell me , does LW still crash a lot in mac world?

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    8.5 was great. Never crashed. Ahhh, I miss those days. The speed bump on 9.3 UB was nice for rendering, but the crashes and lag times made the program (for me) unusable. I work in 9.2 (and still pretty buggy, but functional). The hub in both versions (again, for me) is borderline useless and I really need the interactivity.

    I'm hoping they take their time with 9.5 and make it as stable as 8.5 was. If it takes six months, that would be fine. I really miss the stability I had before, but I'd like it with the rendering speed I can get with 9.3 UB.

    Anyway, I'm not really worried about running PC Lightwave. When I'm running Lightwave I'm also usually running Photoshop and After Effects (and sometimes Vue xStream) and making my work fluid between these. But every so often I come up with a need for a PC program (at the moment, it's my cell phone software, last week it was some audio software) and I would guess somewhere down the road it'll be something else.

    So, if I have the capability to add more items to my toolset, that's always good. But my question, being PC illiterate, was what OS would best suit my needs. It sounds like XP, home version would be fine and if I wanted to tap into my 64-bits I'd have to go PRO, but to be prepared to deal with other issues.

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    Dear Gator, go Pro is best !! You may have connectivity issues down the track with Home if they bring out something new - which always happens in pc world - and it doesn't cost much more. Best to keep up from now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binarydisaster
    I would recommend a Windows XP Pro 32 bit build. I talked to a few folks, such as William Vaughan and they mentioned that the 64 bit LW is still really buggy.
    Not true. Been running XP64 with bootcamp for a year now without any problems. At this point going with a 32bit OS seems kind of silly to me when for the same price you can get a 64bit OS that will run and do everything the 32bit one could and more. I've only had one really old software program (8 years old) that I couldn't install with XP64, and I didn't really need it anyway. Why limit yourself is what I am trying to say here. There is no real great reason.

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    Now that I have SP1 (RC Build) installed on Vista 64-bit I must say that Vista is motoring along quite nicely. Despite the naysayer's opinions (and there's a lot more of them on the 'net) I think Vista is actually quite good.
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