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Thread: Studdering Slow Motion

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    Spig....Can someone suggest a good program that's not very expensive and easy to use for good slow motion, bloom effects and more? I am a wedding videographer and SE just doesn't cut it. I am buying Final Cut when I can afford it but I need an easy fix for now.

    You have Aura. After opening, you do a modify project, mostly to change to None = Progressive. Import the clip and stretch or shrink all you want. When dragging the end of the clip, you get a popup, de-select the interpolation box. As I've asked, I would like to see where something can not slomo correctly to evaluate. Send me an email, and I'll send you the username and password to FTP upload to my server. I work in HDV720p, then render to 480i or 486i when ready. The slomo problem you and others seem to have, might be from my workflow or system codec configurations, don't know, simply can't reproduce. SE will do very well in the NLE industry, as it grows up with fixes and advancements, and if you want to spend $$$'s for something is up to you. But when some can and some can't, I would like to see what is going on. Would a compressed codec video have issues in slomo? Likely YES. But this could be from not allowing SE to finish bgrender befor attempting slomo, and could be the answer. The file has not been cached and converted to the NT magic independent conformed resolution, whatever that may be. Slomo talking head footage, sync's a slomo audio track here, with no interpolation. Slomo work should be done befor DVE's or fades, so they will not be affected doing slomo, shown in RichVideos clip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpioProd
    ...There are some things SpeedEDIT can do better, and there are some things Vegas Pro 8 can do better.

    Having them both simply gives you more tools to choose from depending on the job at hand.
    And one of my favorite capabilities with Vegas Pro 8, is its ability to alter not only playback speed, but the associated audio can be pitch-shifted, so that when the clip is played back, it's still in a "normal" pitch. No "chipmunk" sounds on clips sped up, if that's not what you want.

    As for a price comparisons, I think you'd better check out, and perform a search for < Vegas 6 >see what they're selling that old Vegas version for (Current B&H upgrade (from version 6 or 7) to Vegas Pro 8 for $229.95 from here -- last time I looked).
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    As for value, in obtaining a Sony tool to do just what you need (interpolated slo-mo), you'd be all the more shrewd if you'd consider an older iteration (Sony Vegas 6) for just $79.00 -- what's more -- you'll get pro quality pitch-shift capability to boot!

    Turns out, that even *that* version, TTBOMK, will impress you, relative to the utter smoothness and quality afforded by Vegas' interpolation for slow motion.

    Go here*&bhs=tsee for that deal, while it's still available. It's a great adjunct to SpeedEDIT! I'm sure Eugene would have no dispute with this suggestion
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