Currently the user does not have control over the Order of Operations performed upon a clip. For example, Keying is performed before Selective Color operations, and the sequence cannot be re-ordered by the user.

SpeedEdit would gain a leap in power if it allowed users to re-order the operations which are performed upon a clip.

As an example of an app which gives users the ability to change the order of operations performed upon a clip, observe the "Inspector" section in the lower right hand of the interface of this application in this video tutorial. At around the 1 minute mark, you see how the user can drag operations up and down inside the Inspector to change the order of operations.

This opens the door to making the app 100x more versatile and powerful. Aside from boosting the keying abilities of SpeedEdit (by allowing Selective Color Correction before Keying), it would also supercharge the basic operations available in Color Correction. The video tutorial illustrates how basic operations such as Contrast and Brightness will have different results depending on the order in which they are performed.

Being able to Order the sequence of operations on a clip would be a leap in usability, just like the ability to make Splines for everything is/was a leap. This is the kind of functionality I would expect to see in a product like SpeedEdit; it gives the user control.