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Thread: particle vibration/explosion envelopes

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    particle vibration/explosion envelopes


    Here is the situation. I have a sphere with around 160 points. I have the sphere set as an emittor, with object verticies as the emission points. The idea is to have one point at each vertice of the sphere. that's working fine. I want the points to remain stationary until around 30 seconds in the animation, at which point they scatter. This effect should easily be acheived by using the Explosion or Vibration setting under the Motion tab. However, whenever I use the envelope to set the action off at a specfic frame, the particles just stay motionless period. They never move. (I have, for example, explosion value set to 0 at frame 0, and 1.0 at frame 10)

    Have I missed something with the envelopes?

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    did you ever figure this out? i'm having the exact same problem with the envelopes.

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    Actually. Yes, I did, to my frustration.

    The settings for particles under the motion tab only apply as particles are born. In other words, once a particles motion has been set, it can't change.

    If a particle is emitted with a vibration value of 1, that particle will always have that value. The envelope affects the assignement of the value to the particles as they are created.

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    thank you. now i understand and it seems to be working correctly.


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