I have an exported FBX from Maya Which is directly from Vicon Mocap system. It was through Maya because the Lightwave FBX import plugin does NOT support the latest version of FBX which the Vicon system exports. Anyway. The result is a set of Null Objects that represnt the Optical capture points over a period of time. They look great, and all that works just fine.
The issue then is adding a skeleton to the Null Objects that deform a mesh. I can't get it to work. I have tried creating a bone that is parented to each null, and Targets the next Null. This makes the skeleton look great, but I cant get those individual bones to deform a mesh. Is there anyway to do this, Am i doing it wrong?
Is there another way to get a set of moving nulls to corespond to a skeleton. I do not have access to motion builder, so I need an IN-Lightwave fix. Thanks so much for your time guys!