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    CG Form

    My Lightwave modeling tutorials are getting a bit old now, but just wanted to mention, I've found a new permanent home for them at

    Also hoping to find some time to update them in future.

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    This is a great resource. Thanks for putting this together.

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    thanks for sharing
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    That was you??

    Stumbled across those a few weeks ago ... fantastic. Merci!

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    Very nice man, I'll be going around these for a while!

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    Oh heavens! Glad I cought this. Now I have to change my signature!

    Thanks riki! I've done all of those tutorials and have been recommending them over the last few years. Got tired of digging it up out of my bookmarks so I just put it in my signature.

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    Thanks everyone, thanks Richard

    Hoping to update them soon for Lightwave 9, thinking of building a basic admin interface in Rails to make the task a bit easier.

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    Great. Looking forward to it.


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