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Thread: Siggraph Special on Professional Training CDs

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    Siggraph Special on Professional Training CDs

    I wanted to announce a special for Siggraph.
    This offer is good until the end of August.
    Sign up for:
    The Lightwave Professional Character Series or
    Introduction to Lightwave and receive:
    The Lightwave World Wide Tour CD or
    The Next Dimension Tour CD for FREE.
    Its your choice. Thats 10 HOURS of extra material that was presented at the Newtek sponsored seminars.
    Much of the material covers things not found in other books, videos or CDs. I have over an hour of free samples you
    can take a look at HERE
    Heres a quote I just received today:
    i went to the vancouver tour stop that lee did and it was cool.
    but the training cd's we got were awsome!!! i can't believe some of the little tricks you have that no one else teaches. like your compositing trick with cloning the lights and making one negative. or the normal displacement section, really cool and simple.i have bought a lot of books and video's on LW and after you learn the basics there basically useless, but your stuff is awsome, i learn something new everytime i watch a section good job!"

    You get to learn from someone with a lot of professional experience. Ive done the following things:
    Lead Artist for American Laser Games
    Owner of Animation Factory in Abq. New Mexico
    3D Artist for Sony Development
    Technical Director and 3D artist at Netter Digital
    3D Artist at Foundation Imaging
    3D Artist for Amalgamated Pixels
    Ive worked on:
    Max Steel - All CGI TV Series
    Dan Dare - All CGI TV Series
    Discovery Channel: Living Fossils
    Tall Tales - 3D IMax film
    Scorchers - Flm Project
    Crawlers - Film Project
    as well as many TV commercials,video game projects
    and freelance projects.
    Ive been in this business for close to 15 years and
    Ive taught LW for many years at various schools and have
    been doing Lightwave Seminars with Newtek.
    Learn the tools, tricks and techniques Ive learned from hands on experience.
    If you have any questions email me at [email protected]

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