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Thread: poser: the movie - i.e. beowulf :)

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    poser: the movie - i.e. beowulf :)

    howdy folks,

    just came back from beowulf.

    1. it's beyond me how people can make these kinds of movies and not be able to take a few steps back and see that... gee, this still looks... wrong. weird, dead eyes. cross-eyed looking. angelina jolie's face looks squashed and bad in this shot, and this shot, and that one...

    2. pretty good movie! they went for a dark fantasy with wenches and blood... very not for the kiddies. i could have standed it if they went a bit more bawdy with the wenches and did some stylized sexy garb instead of wearing drapes. also some unexpected details like tying the story around the end of paganism and the beginning of the christian era.

    but there's a plot detail concerning john malkovich's character that is inexplicable... big plot hole. don't know why they couldn't have addressed this in the script.

    you should definitely check it out in 3-D if there's a theater nearby.... nifty effect.

    weird how you can see PROGRESS IN CG PEOPLE DURING THE MOVIE!!! haha, some of the shots toward the end look remarkably better than some in the beginning!

    and just like in final fantasy, there are a few shots where the photorealism is truly remarkable.

    oh yeah and...

    3. whiskey tango foxtrot... what is up with those HORSES?! first, they look like enlarged TOY horses and where the foxtrot did they get that run cycle?! whoever did the horses needs to be sent to bed without supper. no biscuit! bad dog!


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    oh and grendel could stand to have been a little bit more... DESIGNED.

    ok ok, he is a mutant abomination... ok cool, i get it... but still, he could have been cool and still disgusting.

    also, man, there was a time when you couldn't find a cinema dragon to save your life... i was really jumpin' for joy when dragonslayer finally came out... but gotta say... now, they're over done. gotta find a different kinda of ubermonster....


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    I hear the story was held pretty well to the original. It's like the first epic story in known history, right? At least anglo history. Almost saw it tonight (in imax 3d) but it was sold out. Not expecting it to be impressive, especially after hearing from people who worked on it.

    Features are held to (relatively) tight budgets and they always end up cutting corners (Sony has put Imageworks up for sale because it's still not profittable), and usually don't live up to the expectations of people who know 3d. I'm sure it will be decent, but not make me say 'wow'
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    i don't remember the original well (grade school stuff fascination along with tolkien) but i think they changed stuff....

    made the story more unified by making more causal relationships (desperately not trying to give anything away here).... don't remember these from the source.

    but again, story wise, pretty good job by gaiman... but that malkovich thing... that had to be an edited out thing... big, ginormous plot hole....


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    dear jin

    you dont need to open your "OWN" threads on everything YOU experienced"". People are discussing this movie somewhere else...


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    dear tyrot,

    what... ever....


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    Hey jin a new version of poser is coming out and they want you to beta test it.

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    It's called the "Poser + Maya Combo With A Side of Fries".
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    Whatever else anyone has to say about the thread or the movie, I love the title of this thread. "Poser: The Movie" pretty much says it all.


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