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Thread: Is the online LW training out of date?

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    Is the online LW training out of date?

    okay - so I was trying to do the Model a Landscape tutorial, by Jason Pieper and have run into a snag. On page 3, K it says "Othe left select the 'LW_TextureVMap' button". I'm using 9.3 and it doesn't have that button. I've also looked at the configure Menus pallet and it doesn't show up there either. Does this button still exist or does the tutorial need to be updated? Thank you.

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    In the Configure Menu Layout there is an option - top right - to load presets. You can choose an earlier version of lightwave such as 7.5. This will load up the same buttons and layout. Not a bad idea if you are doing am older tutorial. Make sure if you have customized your layout to save it first.

    EDIT: I can see from the screen grab he is using 7.0
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    Also Currently that tool is under Map/Color/Textured Point.

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    Wow, retro man. Thanks for the help. :-)


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