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Thread: New machine for animation: Suggestions?

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    New machine for animation: Suggestions?

    I'm a novice LW user. I know a lot about it, I even teach it, but there's still lots I have yet to learn. I want to get a new machine to get up to the next level and not be held back by slow processors and limited memory. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what will get the job down for an animator out there??? Haven't decided about Mac or PC yet. Any thoughts will help!


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    Quite frankly the Mac Pro is the best deal going in off the shelf systems.

    Well made and fast plus you can dual boot into both OS X and Windows by using Apple's Boot Camp app. (You can also add Linux for a triple boot machine).

    That gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to your application arsenal. That's something you'll appreciate in the future as you become more deeply involved in 3D.

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