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Thread: SE Freezes During DV Capture

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    SE Freezes During DV Capture

    During DV capture of STD DV video occasionally I'll get a "dropped frames" message in the capure window. When this happens SE freezes and requires an "end program" from the Taks Manager to be executed. I can then restart the program without having to reboot the system. The SE version is 1.2. and capture is from a Sony DSR40 DVCAM VCR.
    Dave O

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    Are you capturing to an external drive?

    It sounds like the drive is disconnecting or stopping. Check the event viewer for any problems related to a hard drive. Any application accessing a drive that disconnects will lock up.

    This is the only reason I've heard of that involves dropped frames and lockups with SE.

    I've purposely made it drop frames to test the message and under any normal circumstances it doesn't lock up. The fact that it drops frames at all makes the drive suspect. It's not easy to cause a dropped frame with the buffering that we do.
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