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    Just in case, DP Median works on Refraction buffer as well, but one thing worth to notice with it is that its results are in dependence on surrounding pixels and in this sense, it is useful for getting rid of hot pixels artifacts and not actual noise due to too few samples. i.e. For this material we have just 1 refraction sample:

    what we see there is not actually fireflies artifact but noise artifacts due to just a single refraction sample. In cases like this, DP Denoiser may be more suitable:

    If we increase refraction samples to let's say 8, we can get rid of the noise and actually see a couple of fireflies there in refraction buffer

    which can be solved with DP Median as usual:

    A possible refinement for DP Median usage could be to convert from RGB to HSV/HLS and apply different settings according to hue/saturation/value/relative luminance and then convert back to RGB. However for extreme cases we still may try with the roll-off + logarithmic setup shared before.

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