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Thread: Extra Buffer nodes

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    Oh, I see. Yes, Hesham, AA doesn't work in the second DP_NPF instance for Global or Extra Buffers but it works perfectly for conventional buffers. The second-instance trick was a genial idea of Denis Pontonnier to transform conventional buffers while the render is made, instead of applying the transformation when the whole image has been already rendered. We might apply for example, a DOF filter here before that the AA or mBlur have been added to our final color output. If we want to perform other transformations to Global Buffers or Extra Buffers, we can use DP_NIF.


    P.D. Have to find some time soon to write the next article about this kind of usages

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    Bump, any chance of this being compiled for Mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MentalFish View Post
    Bump, any chance of this being compiled for Mac?
    I've got some catching up to do before christmas, and this is on my list - unfortunately close to the bottom of it though.


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    Gerardo article on HDRI 3D No.30 regarding the extra buffer nodes is AWESOME..
    you will learn a very professional setup even if you are most LW creative artist..
    good work man....good work...we need more ;-)

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    Fast Blur and DOF nodes

    Added a Fast Blur node for blurring rendered image.
    Parameter input is evaluated 'per frame'
    (for 'per pixel' evaluation of parameter input use the above Blur node).

    Fast Blur can be used as Pre-Process in Image Node Editor with Image Filter NE.

    Reference: Fast anisotropic gauss filtering.
    J. M. Geusebroek, A. W. M. Smeulders, and J. van de Weijer

    Added a DOF Node for simulating Depth Of Field effect on the rendered image.

    A Color and an optionnal Alpha/Scalar must be input as base image in the node
    and a Depth Buffer input from Render Buffer node is also imperatively needed
    to compute the DOF effect.

    Basic setup,
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DOFnode.jpg 
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Size:	95.0 KB 
ID:	80837

    A "Med Quality" DOF with an animated focus
    from right eye to left eye,
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DOF.gif 
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Size:	234.7 KB 
ID:	80836

    Adjust "Diaphragm Sides" and "Diaphragm Rotation" to get 'Bokeh' effect on the
    out of focus of image, zero side means disk shape.

    With "Aspect Ratio", DOF effect can be anamorphic.

    Except the Camera focale and Image size, the main Depth Of Field significant
    parameters are the "Lens F-Stop" and the "Focale (Focus) Distance".
    "Use Camera Lens" allows to get this parameters from the current Camera settings.
    "Focus Reference" is for selecting a (Null) Object, this is more paractical for animating
    the Focus point.

    -DOF node has different "Quality" modes, from "low" with probably some artefacts
    to "very high" also very slow.

    "Blur Size" is a multiplier of the resulted DOF effect.

    -Note that for in a realistic DOF effect, Luminosity or Specularity should be overexposed
    in the input image, use the Scalar Buffers from the Render Buffer node as mask with
    a multiplier for overexposing the appropriate region of the original image.

    Available in the x32 version of DPFilter 9.5 and 9.6,


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    Great! Thank you Denis!

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    Hope to see 64bit soon, thanks Denis
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    LightWave 2019.03

    Very nice Laptop

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    WOOOW! this is far better than Digital Confusion and faster than native dof!

    Btw, I've noticed it's better to work in LCS in order to get that nice bokeh effect.

    Thank you very much, Denis!


    P.D: Thanks for the comments, Hesham

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    DOF node has been updated.

    "Very High Quality" is a bit faster and the transition between infocus and outfocus regions looks mor smooth.
    Artefacts with the other modes, around infocus pixels near outfocus background pixels are less visible but still present in "Low Quality" mode.
    "Quality" mode was not saved/loaded/copied correctly.

    Available in the x32 version DP Filter 9.5 and 9.6,

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    Denis, you're amazing !!!
    Dual Xeon 5345, 24 GB, Quadro FX4800, WIN7

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    Ok guys, is there any extra steps you need to do or flags you need to switch, because I am getting absolutely zero effect out of it? I've duplicated Denis' example and... nothing? I am confused. I'm using windows 32 bit.

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    Thank you, Denis! Great improvement in speed and quality!

    Tobian, you need to enable Depth buffer in the Buffer Root (DP_PFNE or DP_IFNE).


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    Here's a (very) basic scene (I did try a more complex set-up initially). I have the node filter set up the same as Dennis shows.. Only the render comes out without ANY DOF

    Just for contrast - I have the DOF preview enabled, with the same settings inside LW (and LW render looks pretty much identical to the preview, so it's not some logical error?) But the pixel image filter does nothing (and I tried it on the pixel filter version and got a blank render )

    Do I need to enable the depth buffer in some way or is there some switch I needed to activate to make it work?

    I also noticed the fast-blur node also doesn't seem to do anything in the image filter node editor? Could it be related?

    I have downloaded the very latest version (and an older one wouldn't show the DPDOF node!) Checked I don't have any old DP nodes in my plugin folder, and made sure I had the version for V 9.6, which I have installed...

    Hopefully I am just missing something obvious
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	long-cube.jpg 
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Size:	583.1 KB 
ID:	80870  

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    Ahhh ok that seems to have resolved it Gerardo It's now being very slow though haha.. gonna do experiments!

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    yea, do your experiments, so that you can verify that DP_DOF is faster than waiting a smooth result with AS only


    AS = Adaptive Sampling

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