SpeedEdit 1.2 is such an improvement, I wanted to take a minute and thank NewTek. After returning from a 2-week photo shoot last month, I found the final release of SpeedEdit 1.2 ready and waiting.

My wife Danya has been doing most of our editing lately (I do the shooting) and we had a couple of projects that needed to be completed promptly. We'd already commited to using SpeedEdit instead of Vegas for a number of reasons... and what a payoff. SpeedEdit 1.2 is rock-solid now, not a single crash or glitch. Downsampling HDV footage to SD and web resolution, without having to create intermediate files; with fluid real-time performance and a true (not proxy) preview really helped us get our latest projects out faster than has ever been possible.

So again, thank you NewTek. SpeedEdit is the NLE we've been looking for.