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Thread: Lock Clips!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbeanan
    Ok I know this has been requested before but I need to be able to lock clips to the timeline. This has cost me the better part of an hour recently where you do not notice until you are about done then you have to go back and fix it as it does not make sense to undo all the way back.
    Yep Yep Yep... this is one of those features that we've been requesting since the turn of the century. Who knows why it hasn't been implemented yet... it's sort of a common-sense 101 kind of a feature, and the fact that after years of this being requested in VT-Edit and we still don't have it in SE is downright disappointing.

    Not to mention, it's one of the features that absolutely prevent me from using SE on a paying job. Sure, the features in SE are nice and shiny, but if we can't have the most basic of basic absolutely important functions* like this then SE is utterly useless for 99.9% of the work I do.

    NewTek used to be my "go-to" company for tools that not only saved me money because they were cheaper than the alternatives, but they'd also help me make money by offering the same time-saving workflow enhancing features found in much more expensive products. Sadly, now that isn't the case, as we not only don't have the basic needed functions (like proper track & clip locking) but they're also not altogether that affordable anymore.

    * I won't even call it a feature as it should be standard fare like it is in every other NLE I'm aware of.

    PS - Sorry for coming across so negatively, I'm just frustrated with the lack of some of these things as I want to use SE as a primary NLE. It's sad that these incredibly basic yet totally essential features, which have been requested by users for YEARS, have yet to be remedied while features which appeal to only a hand-full users are tossed in right and left. It's almost like trying to sell an engine-less car by advertising the fact that it has a lighted ashtray.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kleima

    You can already do this: when you right click to zoom or pan the timeline, hold down the shift key - it will lock to whichever you do first; pan or zoom, and will only to that, i.e. pan without zoom or zoom without pan.

    Well, just darn..It works just like you said Thanks for the tip!
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