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Thread: Spinning beach ball blues

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    Angry Spinning beach ball blues

    I downloaded the latest incarnation of LW9.2. I believe there are different versions for power PC and Intel Macs. I did try both versions and.....nada!
    I went thru all the usual. I just copied the program files and plug-ins to the 9.2 directory, as I have done on previous occasions. I opened Lightwave in discovery mode (that opens OK) After typing in my License key details and re-starting, well - it just does'nt! . The previous version had expired, (the last time I ran it, I was informed I had 5 days to go). It has been running fine, I had a scene with about 18,000 objects in it (after I had upped the limit from 2000) and it still managed to render this scene out in about 60hrs. Maybe the version in my account is already out of date!

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    Your talking about the Beta version, the forum for which is down at the bottom of the page and for the record works just fine on ppc or Intel. go ask down there as a registered Beta user


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