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Thread: m2p - MEGP Files - How to play back?

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    m2p - MEGP Files - How to play back?

    I understand that SpeedEdit will produce m2p files.

    1) Is this an video and audio file?

    2) What do you need to do to have this file to play on a computer?

    3) How do you need to do to make this file play on a DVD?

    4) Suggestions on conversion programs?

    Thank you.

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    I render out to these to use in my authoring program (Tmpgenc DVD author).

    Standard players like Windows media player and Qtime will not recognize it. But authoring programs will, so you can then author it to a DVD.
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    Have you upgraded to WMP11? Of course it comes up like it has for years and says it can't play the file, but it does. I just looked befor posting, it is the Cyberlink decoder in wmp file properties, so my .m2p playback may be from the decoder.

    Also, look to be sure your upgraded to NetFrameworks 2..0 in control panel, and check for a graphic card update. I just went through this, and did my gfx befor 2.0, had to uninstall/restore, install 2.0 then the new ATI updates.

    I am using SE/VT and original XPMCE and 0 problems, but my SE only is MCE2005 and I was having simple render hangs. Both of these machines are only web upgraded to IE7 ONLY. Not having any problems with the rendering now.

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