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Thread: Windows Media Player Passwords

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    Windows Media Player Passwords

    Hi everyone,

    I am hosting a live stream soon for some paid members of a website. Problem is the stream will be broken down into segments of 1 hour increments. I was wondering if anyone knowsh how I could setup windows media player to ask for passwords from the viewer. example

    Viewer opens IP address in WMP asks for password and username. After 1 hour the stream is stopped and new passwords are issued or added to allowed list. Stream begins again viewer logs in again.

    Unless there is an easier way I am open to that as well. Problem lies in that html passwords would allow person into page and once they had IP could open it outside of html embedded viewer. So password would have to be INSIDE WMP Stream.

    Open to ideas again. thanks in advanced

    Capt Paul

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    host the streams in different directories, each protected with htaccess. and different password file

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    Hmm I don't know what that means...could you expand on this??

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    only works if you're on a linux server (most likely)

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