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Thread: stereoscopic view

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    Hi guys!
    This new tool we are working on over at was partially inspired by this thread.
    So check it out! We should have beta versions available today. Not all of the functions will be in there, but they are coming very very quickly. Watch the video and I explain more about it.
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    Ok we have released our New Liberty3d Stereoscopic camera!
    check it out here.

    Introductory pricing is 25.00USD before we release the 1.0 version sometime next week which will have all the bells and whistles in it. Pricing once it releases in 1.0 will be 35.00USD.

    Here is a snippit from the current readme.txt

    Liberty3D StereoCamera for LightWave3D 9.6 (Win32Bit, Win64Bit, MacUB32Bit)
    Build Version: 0.9.32
    Build Date: September 25th, 2010
    Release Date: September 26th, 2010
    Copyright (C) 2010 (Declaration Pictures Inc.) and Kiko E. Sato
    Engineering: Kiko E. Sato
    Design and Concept: Kelly Lee Myers

    Website for further information and license details:
    Contact email: [email protected]

    RELEASE NOTES: Build Version 0.9.32
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

    In this build, we have introduced the convergence item object selection
    dropdown item menu as well as envelope control for the Convergence Limit function.

    You can now visually see the convergence point by enabling the "Show Convergence Plane" button.
    This will draw an orange 2:1m rectangel at the origin of the object selected. This plane only
    works in meters in world space. You cannot rescale it at this time.

    Where this orange rectangle intersects geometry is the convergence point (aka zero paralax).
    At this time, this build does not do "toe-in" operations, however this will be enabled in the
    next build after we get some more feed back on how it should be presented to the user and a round
    of internal testing.

    We highly recommend using null, parented to the camera and then moved on the z axis in front of
    the camera as the control item for this function so that it always displays in the camera view,
    locked to the camera's rotation and movement.
    The plane may not update its drawing location until you make a change on the timeline (advancing
    a frame for example). We are trying to find a good way to work around this problem.
    You can always create a null with a Custom Object attached to it such as "Range Finder" or
    DoF Circle of Confusion, or Item Shape (Like a ball, box for example). This is probably good idea
    for more sophisiticated stereoscopic set ups.

    This build of the plug-in is not performance tuned, but should perform well on all platforms.
    We will be doing a performance tuning to the rendering for 1.0 release.

    Also in this build we have introduced the Left and Right Eye icons near the camera plane. This
    is mostly for show in this build, and is not visible through the camera but can be useful for
    determining if the camera is a Liberty3d Stereo Camera or not when visible in any of the other
    viewing modes.

    If you change the Eye Separation, these Icons will move in relation to that change.
    The default eye separation setting is 6cm, which is the same as LightWave3D's standard
    stereoscopic function, but you can change this to any number you like and control it with an

    The scale of the Eye Icons at 1m Grid is relatively accurate for the center circles drawn for
    the Eye Icons. These represent the pupils of your eyes.

    The Liberty3D Stereo Camera plug-in fully supports Fprime 3.51.
    At this time DoF rendering is not enabled. We will be introducing this later on in future builds.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________


    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

    Adding the Plug-in:
    Adding the plug-in to your LightWave installation is done just as any other LightWave plug-in.
    You can add the plug-in by hitting Alt+F11 (on the PC), then selecting the Liberty3d Stereoscopic
    Camera Plug-in. We highly recommend you place this plug-in in a folder in your layout plug-ins

    You need to activate this plug-in by accesssing it through the camera Properties Panel. Once you
    have the plug-in installed it should show up as "Liberty3D Stereo Camera' in the drop down menu.
    Once selected, hit the properties button next to the camera type and you will be presented with
    an Activation box, displaying your hardware dongle ID and a field for the key to be entered into.
    You will need to email us your dongle ID number after purchase of this plug-in in order to receive
    a key for activation. You can email your Dongle ID number to [email protected]

    Once you you receive your key, enter it into the activation key field and hit OK. If everything goes
    right, it will say "Key Accepted". If not, please contact us.

    This licensing box will not go away on its own. You need to close it using the X button first. Once
    you have done this, you can hit properties again and make use of the camera.

    Using the camera in your scene:

    To make use of the camera in your scene you will need to change the width of the camera resolution
    to twice that of the resolution you wish to have a single Eye frame size at.
    For example - If you want to output in HDTV format which is 1920x1080, you will need to render your
    scene at 3840x1080. This will give you a horizontally wide image twice that of 1920 pixels.
    This will give you 1920 pixels per eye when recombined to produce the stereoscopic image.

    Our Camera Renders both eyes at the same time which is, as far as we know a capability unique to
    LightWave3D and this plug-in. The advantages to this are obvious. You no longer need to render
    a scene twice, once per eye in order to get the images you are looking for. This is why our camera
    renders the images side by side horizontally. This is very advantagious when working with modern
    compositing packages like Eyeone Fusion 6.1 or higher as it has a stereo image combing function that
    specifically can make use of horizontally stacked images and combine them to produce the stereoscopic
    image result at what is more or less a push of a button. There are other advantages such as scene file
    management complexity being reduced,render times over the network are reduced on multiple fronts as well.

    While this plug-in is not yet performance tuned, in most scenes it will very closely perform to that
    of traditional lightwave stereoscopic rendering operations. We aim to actually go faster than rendering
    using the built-in stereoscopic rendering function in LightWave 9.6.

    A note on frame display: If you need to accurately preview the framing of your scene through the camera
    view, you can use the Alternative Aspect Display function do so. You can enable this through the Display
    Options Panel (press d). As a good starting point, use the width of your resolution for your Stereoscopic
    target frame resolution. An example of this would be if your target stereoscopic frame resolution
    (the final combined stereo image) is to be 1920x1080, enter in a value of 1.92.

    This will closely match the actual framing but not exactly. It's a good starting point,
    but even the default of 1.85 works right out of the box. Great stuff!

    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

    For bugs reporting and feature requests:
    Please email: [email protected]

    Thank you for support of!
    DJ Lithium | KAT! =^..^=

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    StereoCam plugin sounds interesting, let me know when it does inside LW anaglyph previewing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hieron View Post
    StereoCam plugin sounds interesting, let me know when it does inside LW anaglyph previewing.
    We are looking at a couple of options right now to do that. But it may have to involve rendering either via an F9 or Fprime operation.
    We don't have access do what LW10 is doing in openGL at the moment for a 9.6 plug-in. We are going to be making LW10 versions though. That is coming.

    We will be introducing additional cameras this week as well.

    I already have our new Perspective camera tested, and it nice, but its going to go through an optimization process to increase its speed even more so.
    On top of that, our Panoramic, Pin-cushion, Cylinder, FishEye and Multi-Cam plug-ins are also on my desktop being tested now. It's going to be a good week for plug-ins I think
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    Here are some additional snapshots of our new cameras in action.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Liberty3dFishEyeCamera_R01.jpg 
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ID:	88602   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Liberty3dMulti_Cam_Example_R02.jpg 
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Size:	313.7 KB 
ID:	88603   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Liberty3dMulti_Cam_Example_R01.jpg 
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Size:	321.5 KB 
ID:	88604  
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    Nice work Kel Kat!!
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    Well the real work is being done by Kiko Sato (The bakudan developer) and it's good to see him back in action for sure!
    We have come up with another possible addition to this family of Cameras, and I think many of you in the games world will get a kick out of it.
    More details on that soon.
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