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Thread: scene baking, diminishing returns

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    scene baking, diminishing returns

    thought I'd give baking a scene for lighting a try for a scene I'm working on.

    I'm doing a test file, first, and making the size 2048, thinking that resolution will be necessary when the cam gets close to objects, which it will in this scene.

    I get the Baking progress window, but even after hours, it won't register above 0%!

    I'm starting to think baking ain't the way...

    what's other peoples' experience with baking?


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    How long does a normal render take? Try a test render at a smaller size to get an idea of how long it will take. How many surfaces are you trying to bake at once?

    I guess you're using the Surface Baker Shader since you're in 8.5. Anti-Aliasing is really slow, as is Shading noise reduction. It's better to render at a higher res than to use either of these things. And don't be surprised if these are overnight renders -
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    I wouldn't even bother trying to bake in 8.5, yes I have tried it, several times and successfully I might add, but it tends to give the impression it's hanging, then several hours later (and I do mean several hours) it surprises you with a render, all this grief for a measly 512x512. The one in Nine is a huge improvement though not as good as Modo which is very fuss free and will do you occlusion at the click of a button to boot


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