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Thread: Request: Batch Log and Capture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobt
    Axxaboss, ask yourself who is going to send you their P2 card?
    No dont think so. They will trasnfer that via SDI to a tape and send that
    with a timecode EDL to you.
    Timecode and tape is still the language of editing and since its easier to back up and keep than HD I think it will be around for a while.
    I agree. I never wrote anything contrary, except the paradigm appears to be shifting towards tapeless video cameras as Hard Drive prices continue to drop.

    Right now, tape is king and SE would do well if it had proper log & capture feature.

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    Huh? What are we saying that I stated at NAB? I don't recall mentioning batch capture except maybe in my "avid rant". . . . . ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpioProd
    Far be it for me to suggest the sky is falling...

    I don't know what "recently stated intentions" Steve is talking about, but...

    VT and SpeedEDIT are two different products. VT has batch capture, SpeedEDIT does not. SpeedEDIT has NEVER had batch capture, other NLE-only systems do. Batch Capture is NOT a stated feature in the forthcoming upgrade to SpeedEDIT. The forthcoming upgrade is the most "recently stated intention" that I know from Newtek on SpeedEDIT's future.

    I think people seem to forget that VT and SpeedEDIT are not aimed at the same markets, SpeedEDIT is ONLY a DV/HDV product, as currently marketed, so one could honestly say batch capture isn't as important there as in "higher" markets. Honestly, for 99% of what I do, which fits into this "lower end", I don't need it.

    Another example:

    Say one is a non-Newtek person walking by and they stop to catch a demo of SpeedEDIT at NAB...

    Ralph works for Newtek, Ralph is doing a demo for Newtek, it seems stronger than "inferal" to me that if Ralph states something, it reflects the Newtek view of things...

    I'm in no way suggesting that VT[5] won't have batch capture, since VT[4] does. But this is a SpeedEDIT forum, and I'm standing by that based on everything I have heard at this point in time, I wouldn't hold my breath for Batch Capture in SpeedEDIT stand-alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toasterdude
    Huh? What are we saying that I stated at NAB? I don't recall mentioning batch capture except maybe in my "avid rant". . . . . ?
    Sure you did, Ralph... About batch capture being not needed nowadays with cheap high capacity drives and all...

    And I'm not saying that isn't true in many cases, it is... It's just for some people (not me) it is needed...

    It does make sense to me that batch capture is more needed in VT[5] than in SpeedEDIT, and that is where it will be found.

    As for SpeedEDIT stand-alone, I'm not sure if it will ever be found there.
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    I would like batch capture for SpeedEdit simply for the purpose of long term archivals. And for dropping out to tape so you can capture that material from tape, back in once you are done your projects but just in case you need to get something else off the footage. Like stock footage. There is no reason for it to not be in an application like speedEdit. the "high capacity drives" reason is not a reasonabl excuse to not have it.
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