Also Don, maybe you guys can come up with a picture montage ammo pack with all kinds of different ways to display pictures.

Some ideas for that are to make 3 or 4 large 3D planes of 25 pictures each and have the pre made animation motion go to a different picture and stay on it for about 5 seconds, then zoom out and spin a bit to get to the next picture on another plane location. This way if you make a scene for 100 pictures, even if we have less pictures we can map duplicate pictures on the panels so the scene would work for all amounts up to 100 pictures.

Another montage idea would be to have a picture cube on a desk with 6 picture sides. The camera would animate into the cube and the cube would come full screen, hold for a few seconds, then spin to the number 2 location. You could somehow allow us to change the number one picture when it is zoomed into the number 6 picture so we could then add another set of six pictures. Make the scene loop from 1 to 6 and back to one again.

Another way would be to make just a two sided plane with some cool outer animation sparkle etc. and have different scenes with different 3D transitions from front to back, then the back picture would be replaced with the next picture in the series. Is there a way to have Lightwave use a list of pictures in order and change to the next picture automatically? Well you can make all different kinds of transitions types for just a two sided plane. Or you can even map the pictures to a disco ball or some other 3D object that would spin around from pic 1 to pic 2 etc.

The thing is that we would be able to load in different amounts of pictures and easily make a 3D montage.