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Thread: Mother F#&!!!&$#^$

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    Desktop manager may have been activated by default. If you haven't checked already. Make sure it is not running its nothing but trouble.
    Kevin Washington

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    Going back a bit, my first experience with Newtek editing was VT2. I started using it on a system that someone else had set up. Thought it was okay, but lots of things seemed a little slow, and there were semi-frequent crashes. When I found out about the nView thing and turned it off, instantly everything seemed to run 100% faster and 1000 times more stable.

    You're right, the nVidia icon in the task bar is not a problem. Just be sure you've opened it up and emphatically turned off the nView Desktop Manager part of your profile. (Say, here's a feature there anyway to set SpeedEDIT so that when it launches, it automatically kills nView if it finds it running? As much trouble as that can cause, that would be an enormous boon. And we're always on the lookout for enormous boons.)

    Maybe not the issue in the current situation, but until the auto-nView killer comes out (with extreme prejudice), it definitely should be one of the first things checked when this kind of thing happens. Good luck with your project.


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