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Thread: Time Warner Cable Commercial Question

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    Time Warner Cable Commercial Question

    Has anyone delevered to Time Warner for local 30 second runs???

    Once in awhile - a few years back - I used to make local business commercials for Adelphia, now bought out by Time Warner Cable.

    I used to use my AJD200 DVCPRO, shoot 30fps, edit and then master out to Beta-SP. It looked and sounded fine on broadcast (I was able to meet their broadcast specs fine).

    Question -

    I have now moved to JVC HD1000U. I haven't been able to talk with anyone in tech at my local Time Warner Broadcast least not yet.

    They do accept Mini-DV masters now though. And I can bring in DV-CAM, or Beta SP.

    A friend of mine wants me to shoot a commercial for output to Time Warner.

    Should I shoot in 16:9 HDV (shooting within the 4:3 safe area) and then output to standard 4:3 to get the better quality? Or should I shoot in DV mode? Will it make any difference in SpeedEdit?

    My boxed version arrives on Monday.....according to UPS.

    I don't believe that I will be able to deliver 16:9 for the broadcast. Hopefully they get back to me eventually....

    Any other hints on settings for broadcast standards???

    Thanks, Jason

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    Hi Jason,

    Better quality depends on more than the format and the workflow you'll have opened up with the use of SpeedEDIT, IMHO:

    What camcorder would you record in the HDV format with? The benefits of HDV may still be there even with cropping and shrinking as part of your conversion back to SD. However the technology and the proven track record for your camcorder is probably at last an equally important part of whether this will be advantageous or not for you.

    Sorry. Can't answer whether anamorphic DV or something other than 4:3 SD DV is gong to be acceptable to TimeWarnerCable. They maybe able to accept on a hard disc unit.
    Saw this tittle-tattle that is probably not relevant if you are going to be played out over a native local SD channel:

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    Local Time Warner affiliates will only accept 4:3 SD. They will also accept mini dv masters but will laugh at you behind your back. Until they see what a brilliant videographer you are in making a prosumer format look like a million bucks that is. Then they will start calling or dropping by your studio just to chat and see what's under the hood. Then they'll want to work for you part time so they can learn from your genious. Just be prepared.
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