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Thread: Great suggestions

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    Great suggestions

    It's so easy to ask for outrageous features that would hardly ever be used, that these discussions usually derail quickly.

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting good useful suggestions.

    With good input I'm sure we can make SpeedEDIT the editor that we have all been wishing for.
    John Perkins
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    Pooooor John. You should know better then to ask for more work!
    This group will burry you.
    At least NewTek goes out to seek our input. So many others treat you like..."take a number".
    By the way, I owe you a beer at NAB.
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    Nice to see a request for features.
    Better, though, would be to see a list of what you guys have received that you consider 'doable' in a particular time frame.

    I believe there have many great suggestions for the VTEdit/SE path that have yet to be implemented; surely, those aren't being leapfrogged for the 'newer and fresher' feature requests?

    Personally, I'm at my wits end of suggestting as it seems the old ones still seem to be unfulfilled. And I'm not speaking of my own suggestions in this but the public ones that live in the feature request threads.

    While I can understand the need to be 'close to the vest' as to saying things that might be taken as promises, the dearth of "What's to come:..." communications have left me wonting for more.

    Looking forward to the post-nab offerings. Gonna miss you guys this year...

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    We haven't forgotten those, they are safely in the database.

    Also, it's a week before NAB. Everyone gets a little tight lipped so that the show has more surprises
    John Perkins
    Software Engineer

    "No, it's my natural color..."


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