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Thread: Can I render the Front View

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    Can I render the Front View

    I am working on an animated bug for television of a spinning logo. The object needs to reside in the lower right corner but I don't want to see the top of it.

    Is there a way or a plugin to render my animation out of the front view where it is not in perspective?

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    This may help. Not tried it myself but I believe it gives the result you're looking for.

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    The plugin worked, but it doesn't support alpha channels and for an animatied bug, that's a big issue. I have been able to work around this, but does anyone know ig orthogonal rendering will be supported in the next version of LW?

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    I doubt it will be, but I'm not positive on that. This is the first time I've heard someone mention it. If I want something from the front, I set the camera in front of the object, set all rotations on the camera to 0, and render away.


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    I find it hard to believe I am the first person to mention this. Orthagonal rendering is important to game and architectural design. Sometimes one would want to render an object without perspective.

    The problem with the camera view is that my animated bug is at the bottom of the screen. Even if all rotation is set to 0, I will still see the top of the object.

    I may be mistaken but, I think Lightwave is the only package without this feature. MAX has been able to render any of it's viewports since it's dawn in 1997.

    But, if nobody has mentioned this, I would like to be the first to formally request this feature.
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    a workaround might be to put the camera a looooong way away and use an enormous zoom factor. You'll still get some perspective but it will be reduced.

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    it is possible to get a fairly close effect by fiddling with the camera settings. just put it way distant from what you're rendering and then put in a long (or short, cant remember because i'm rendering something big atm) focal length. anyway, zoomed in.
    though it isnt exactly what you want it still looks almost like it with extreme enough settings.


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