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Thread: Anyone have any favorite teps or trics

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    Anyone have any favorite teps or trics

    We are using Tricaster in a church setting and have been for about 6 weeks now. We're coming along pretty good in my opinion, but it still would be nice to know things that aren't in the book. I'm really impressed by how easy it is and now that we've gotten most of the bugs worked out, we're looking to learn more.

    One thing we're trying to work out is how to connect Tricaster to a Media Shout computer that's on a domain through a firewire connection. I've tried changing tricaster to the domain, but the 2 computers don't seem to see each other.



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    I assume that you are connecting the computers one to one through firewire and no other computers are connected using the firewire connections?

    If so, you should be able to go to the network properties, assign each firewire network adapter a unique address and be ready to go.

    Check your local network addresses so that they don't conflict. If you don't know the address ranges it is using, open a command prompt and type ipconfig. This will print them out for you.

    Normally a local network will use either or

    If your local network is 192 something, assign your two firewire connected computers addresses and respectively.

    If your local network is 10 something, use and

    If it is anything else, then either of these two should be safe, but check with your network admin no matter what you find.

    Also make sure that any third party firewalls like Symantic, BlackIce, Zonealarm, etc are disabled, they can block the network traffic.
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    The problem seems to be that the domain computer is blocking network traffic on the firewire port. I can see it through the standard network cable fine, but it seems to downshift to 10mbps instead of the normal 100mbps in the iVGA app.


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