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Thread: Crashed 12 times today so far

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    How are things going with your SpeedEDIT?

    Would love to get an update!
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    Everything is going great, shutting down allot of unused services helped greatly and the only issue so far is the incapatability of native DVCproHD Quicktimes from a Firestore or other drive. Native QT is the way allot of cams are going and it would be nice to be able to drop those in the timeline.
    I am also looking at using jpeg 2000 files from Grass Valley, I use their RevPro drives and their system is optimized for the Jpeg 2000 files (which can get huge). I just had a big client of mine in SF change to FCP, they still have tones of Avid gear, but they are migrating. Looks like Studio 2 impressed allot of news folks at NAB this year.

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    Speed EDIT Crashes

    I've been following this thread.

    I have had a similar experience:

    I use Tricaster, Tricaster Pro, VT4.5 and SpeedEDIT. The crahses I've had all resulted from loading projects on a external drive. If I launch SpeeEDIT while my external drive is connected it crahses. BUT if I load SpeedEDIT first then connect the external drive everything loads fine...
    go figure...

    I suspect it has something to do woth the project files...

    One thing I can't do is load a project back into VT 4.5 once it's been loaded ans resaved by SpeedEDIT.

    I've been using SpeedEDIT since day one (received a copy as I worked on the package desgin) We run it on two MACBOOKs 2.0ghtz, dual core, 2 gb ram running XP with 3D Arsenal Installed and it's allowed me to raise my hourly rate becuase I get more quality in less time.

    Hope it works out fine... By the way, I've had Both AVID liquid and DV express. Even with the early SpeedEDIT crashes I was stil more productive with SpeedEDIT.

    Liquid now sits on my hard drive and in the a box, used once and a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crom
    I've been following this thread.

    One thing I can't do is load a project back into VT 4.5 once it's been loaded ans resaved by SpeedEDIT.

    This is supposed to be fixed in VT5... NT knows about it.


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