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Thread: Can I target an object using expressions?

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    Question Can I target an object using expressions?

    I've been given a LW scene that I need to export the camera motion into Vue.

    This is usually a simple process involving a synchronization pluggin (Vuesync).
    Unfortunately this particular camera has a parent_null (keyframed) and a target_null as well as the camera itself having motion too (Vue will import only the camera's movement). The camera/parent_null relationship was easilly overcome by baking the camera's motion but this unfortunately does not take into consideration the camera's rotaions affected by the target null., is there a way of targeting an object (or null in this case) without actually using the "target" option in the motion properties. I'm thinking maybe an expression exists that will do this for me. Relativity pluggin looked promising with a function called target ...but it didn't seem to do anything.

    Any ideas would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance

  2. #2 worries. I've found the solution. The relativity plug did work but not through graph editor expressions! When used in the motion modifier list it worked fine!


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