I must say that the implication that this is not an important issue seems odd.
The main purpose of Speed Edit is to edit HDV footage and output a good, clean edit... a task which it is incapable of doing. This is a serious problem. This is a $500 product that doesn't do what it is supposed to do.

I also wonder about Newtek... Newtek people have been able to comment on dozens of issues on this discussion group over the last two weeks.. often within hours... but not this one. A respect for ones cutomers would, it seems to me, require a comment... something like, "Wow, thanks for the testing we are checking into it." How hard would that be? The comment that they are too busy because of NAB? Well, this is one of their major items being shown at NAB... who will buy a product that doesn't work?

I have been using Newtek products since Lightwave 1.0 and Amiga Toaster. They have been an innovative company over the years... and Speed Edit is an innovative product that I would like to benefit from... unfortunately I cannot now benefit from it and Newtek has chosen to ignore me and the other users represented in this thread. You be the judge.