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Thread: Preset Surfaces

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    Preset Surfaces

    I'm using 3DA with Lightwave 8.5 and I cannot seem to locate the surface presents. Any help?

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    Hi Ron,

    I have 8.5 that came with VT4 and in that version of LW they moved the presets under the Window button in the side menu bar. Took me too long to find it too.


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    Hey Tom,
    Thanks alot. When I located the presets however, I didn't find the logo 3DA surface preset. It looks like just standard surface presets. From Don's tutorials, it sounds like I should use just the 3DA surface presets to avoid any problems. Is this the case?

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    Hi Ron
    On disc 2 - the content DVD that came with 3D Arsenal

    explore it and you will find the presets installer

    run it and point it to the LightWave dir

    This will install the 3D Arsenal presets for you

    Don Ballance
    Director of Training for NewTek
    Co-creator of Newtek's Award Winning 3D Arsenal

    [email protected]

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    ok that sort of worked for me but for some reason
    I dont see the preset colors, just boring grey

    any idea?

    vista 64

    used to have colors on xp?


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