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Thread: Thing I would like to see for NAB

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    Quote Originally Posted by chribba
    I would like to see an feature for mark in/mark out----->paste/overlay....why?
    I have not yet found a easy way of doing this if i have 30 minutes clips and only want 3 second here and there....
    Such a feature would be a good idea. I have just looked at the Edit Properties window and see that it could be modified to work on clips in the filebin (by using a new hidden project just for trimming up a clip - instead of the current project). Overlay button is already there, so it would need to allow you to scrub to a new "Start" position which would in real time update the In Point window and Out Point window. Then it would need a "Paste into current open project" button with the choice of "at current cursor position" or "append to end of project". Finally, another choice to "save as" which would save a new instance of the trimmed clip. File requester would pop up to allow you to pick the directory for the "save as" function.

    Meanwhile, don't forget that you can just "Ctrl+click+drag" a clip to make a new copy of an existing trimmed clip and drop it to a new position. Then use the "Shift + Alt + click + drag" on a clip to engage slip and slide. With the file properties window left open this does help a bit, (for the time being).

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    I want jpeg2000 support as the new Infinity cam looks like it going to be released soon... Why is NT not in the OAP program already?


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    Time code on the fly

    Sorry I have moved my comments over to VT. Forgot I was on SE Forum.
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    Hi All,

    I too would like jpeg2000 but not for the Grass Valley/Thompson stuff...

    I would like it cause it is also what is one of the formats being used for Digital Cinema...along with other developers...such as Digital Rapids...for Distribution. isn't just for video...

    Ray Adams
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