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Thread: PC suggestions for SE?

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    PC suggestions for SE?

    It's time for me to buy a new PC for Speed Edit. Can anyone give me recommendations or suggestions? I am leaning towards Dell and a 30 inch monitor.

    Thank you!


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    Which ever computer you choose, just make sure that it at least meets the minimum specifications listed here:

    If you can afford a more powerful one, don't scrimp, because the next version of software could require a little more powerful computer.

    Are you thinking of a desktop, or a laptop?

    If you are thinking of a laptop, I would consider Toshiba.

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    You might want to consider a pair of 23" or 24" monitors over a single 30" one. You'll get much more real estate that way. And it's probably a cheaper solution.

    As for the computer, I'm sure some dealers will chime in here, but more cores and more speed are always better.

    Which Dell exactly are you considering?
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